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I trained as a dog groomer approximately 8 years ago and more recently wanted to learn more about our furry friends, how they think and how to make grooming a more pleasurable experience!

Over the last few years I have studied and qualified in the following:

How Dogs Learn

Canine First Aid

Canine Nutrition


Holistic Grooming Foundation Certificate

Holistic Grooming Advanced Diploma (Distinction)


From a full groom to a nail clip!

Your dog is groomed in a gentle, caring, safe and stress free environment.

The age and breed of your dog, and the condition of his/her coat amongst other factors will influence the most suitable method of grooming. When you arrive we will discuss your dog’s grooming requirements. Grooming is a very important process as it removes dirt and debris and aids appearance and circulation. It also promotes new coat growth and oils, and reduces unpleasant dog odour in the house. The risk of skin complaints and the associated licking and scratching which is annoying both to you the owner and your pet can also be reduced. The coat can be styled, depending on breed, to suit it’s lifestyle (and yours !)

As part of our routine, a visual health check will be carried out on your pet. This includes any skin conditions or parasites.


Nails and Dew Claws are assessed and clipped where necessary.

Ears are checked, as the dogs ear travels deep into the head and dirt and bacteria can become lodged. They will be washed with specially formulated dog ear wash. Some breeds also need excess hair to be removed from inside the ears.

Top and Tail - Hair from eyes and sanitary area trimmed and cleaned (depending on breed)

Coat - Matts and Tangles removed.  Light pre-bath hair cut (where required).

Bath - Your dog will then have a double lather shampoo (this also includes a gentle relaxing massage) followed by a conditioning treatment where top quality canine conditioner will be lathered into your dogs coat and combed through, followed again by a thorough rinse and a thorough fluff dry. Finally the coat will be trimmed and styled according to breed and your requirements.

Visual Health check carried out

To Finish - A light dusting of dog friendly perfume!

All or part of the procedures are available. Also an in - between grooming session  “Mini Groom” is available to keep your dog looking smart all the time !

Puppy Groom Package (vaccinated puppies between 3 – 7 months

It is strongly recommended to introduce your new puppy to grooming as soon as possible to reduce any fear and anxiety.  

Your pup will be brushed, washed, dried, have their nails clipped, and have their ears cleaned and plucked, all while being fussed over!

This will prepare your pup for future grooming sessions and teach them to love their visits to the salon as they can often begin when the dog is matted and already stressed!

Your pup will be given lots of praise and cuddles, and slowly introduced to all of the equipment used in a grooming parlour. The earlier the better for puppies! You will also be shown how to prepare puppy for grooming so you can both have fun!

“Your dogs well being is of paramount importance at all times.  Here at Happy Paws we feel it’s important to always take time with the dogs. To make sure the dog is relaxed before we start grooming. It helps make things easier on the dog & the groomer! If at any time a dog gets a little uneasy, we can spot the signs, stop and have a break for a while.”

When your dog is ready, you will get a phone call. If you are busy or shopping and can’t make it right away, it’s not a problem.

If you are going to work for the day, your doggie can stay until you return. We can also arrange a pick up and drop off service!